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John A. Miller

John A. Miller

Without him we wouldn't have any or atleast similar roller coasters as we do today

John A. Miller was one of the most important figures in the development of roller coaster and theme park technology, due to his persistence and his desire to defy limitations, extending the boundaries of technology. Miller’s imagination was first piqued immediately after the birth of the roller coaster, an event that encouraged the then 19-year old to seek work with LaMarcus Thompson, the creator of the first United States roller coaster. Miller was dedicated to his craft and quickly rose to be respected among the ride engineers. His dedication and prolific nature made his rise in the theme park world an easy one, and complemented his imaginative and inventive nature perfectly

John A. Miller (born August John Mueller in 1872, Homewood, Illinois - died June 24, 1941, Houston, Texas) was an American roller coaster designer and builder, inventor, and businessman.

Miller was born in Homewood Illinois and worked as a coaster builder at a very early age

John A. Miller was an American roller coaster designer and builder, inventor, and businessman. Having patented over 100 key roller coaster components, he is considered to be the "father of the modern high-speed roller coaster."

Miller in 1910 designed a device that prevented cars from rolling backward down the lift hill in the event of pull chain breakage. It attached to the track and clicked onto the rungs of the chain. Known as the safety chain dog, or safety ratchet, it evolved into the device on the underside of cars that makes that distinctive clinkety-clank sound of wooden coasters.

Computers are now used to design safe coasters with specially ... taller, faster, and more complex roller coasters continue to be built


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