John A. MacDonald

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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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John A. MacDonald

John A. MacDonald"Let us be Enlgish, or let us be French, but let us always be loyal, and above all, let us be Canadians."Social Studies 10

As leaders favoured the idea of Confederation, John A. MacDonald was given the position as Prime Minister of a newly united Canada

InterestingsFacts: MacDonald was one of the first national leader in the world who tried to extend votes to women in Canada.

Pacific ScandalJohn's dream of expanding Canada from Sea to Sea cost a lot of money which at the time Canada did not have. This resulted in John buying illicit funds from the United States to help build the railway and support his campaign.He then lost his position in government to the Liberals.

History of John A. MacDonald

Architect of Canada: MacDonald was not fond of the idea of confederation until he realized how difficult having all the colonies be govern by different government.He then drafted 50 out of 72 resolutions that establishes the framework to unite Canada.He used persuasion and compromise which made all leaders favour confederation.

Canada gave women the right to vote in 1916

Fathers of Confederation

John A. MacDonald in the middle sitting


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