Johannes Vermeer

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Johannes Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer

Vermeer was a popular realist artist. He focused on the moment itself and let the viewer create the rest of the paintings story.

Vermeer was raised Protestant. He painted everyday pictures keeping in mind that Protestants in the Dutch society thought very highly of "the natural aspects of life."

Vermeer tryed to percieve even the most ugly parts of life, as beautiful.

-Vermeer was born on October 31, 1632 -He was baptised in the Reformed Church and was raised a Protestant.-Vermeer married Catharina Bolnes in April 1653

Vermeer is famed for his technical talents and contribution to the art world during the 17th century. He was a master of chiaroscuro and realism painting and he drew inspiration from the Italian Baroque era.

Vemeer was mostly influenced by his religion and his Dutch culture. "Being raised Protestant, Vermeer painted everyday images and his surroundings due to the fact that Protestant Dutch society held the natural aspects of life in high esteem."

The relationship between Vemeer's The Little Street and Paul Cezanne's Curtains, are related by the use of warm colors, being both realist artists, and the landscape style of the art. The realtionship between the two painting is the likeness in painting objects and not people.


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