Johannes Kepler

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Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler


Claim to fame:He used math to find the different orbital paths of the planets and discovered many planetary laws

Early life:Johaness Kepler was born on December 7, 1571 in Weil derStadt, Wurttemburg. He was ofGerman Nationality in the Holy Roman Empire.He was a ver sickly child and his family was poor.His family was also Protestant in a catholic country witch made matters worse. During childhood he became ill with smallpox and suffered damage to his eyes and ears.

Challenges:In Johaness kepler's life thier have been many deaths. His first wife along with two other children were killed due to sickness and his second wife died of illness. Back then this sort of thing happened alot back then so he was still focused on his work. Another challenge in his lifetime was that he kept having to run away from his catholic procecutors since he was protestant. He moved from location to location throughout his lifetime.

Key turning point:After much studying and using math Kepler discovered that the suns power weakens with distance. The closer a planet is to the sun the shorter time it takes for the planet to orbit. After discovering this, Kepler made his research into a book witchmade him famous.

Achievements: He was the first to realize that the sun rotated on its axis.He was the first to discover that tides were caused by the moon.He was the first person to explain how a telescope works.

Cool Facts:He inspired Isaac Newton to discover laws of motion He prefers criticism of an intellegent man over thoughtless approval by the massesNASA honored Kepler by naming a mission after him in 2009

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Johannes Kepler. German scientist and mathmetician. He was the first to discover many things about our universe.

Kepler used this telescope to find the different planetary laws in our solar system.


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