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Johannes Kepler

Keplers Life

Johannes Kepler was born December 27, 1571. He was born in Weil, Germany. Kepler had a rough childhood. Before Johannes was three years old his father left him to join an army in the Netherlands. A few months later his mother joined Keplers father which had left him with his Grandparents. When Kepler was staying at his grandparents house he caught smallpox. When he grew up he got a bachelors degree from the university of Tubingen. While he was taught there he learned helicentrism, the idea that planets revolve around the sun.

Keplers Laws

Keplers laws describe the motions of the planets around the sun. His first law states that every planet follows an ellipitical path or orbit around the sun. Keplers second law deals with the area that is swept by an imaginary line connecting the center of the sun to the center planet.Keplers third law deals with a planet's period, the time it takes to get around the sun.Elliptical:of, relating to, or shaped like an ellipse

Life long dream

When Kepler left the university in 1594, he went to teach in Luthernan school in Graz, Australia. In 1600 Kepler left Graz, Australia to start his life long dream to find the underlying principles of planetery motion. When he was trying to find the underlying principles of planetery motion a famous astronomer named Tycho was exchanging messages about their philosophies about the subject. Keplers life long dream called "The Dream,"was published after Keplers death on November 15 1630 in Regensburg, Germany. Keplers "The Dream," is an imaginative account of a moon voyage. Underlie: be the cause or basis of (something) Philosophies:the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge

Johannes Kepler

By Joseph Cipolli

IntroJohannes Kepler was a 17thcentury astronomer. He built on Nicolaus Copernicus' ideas on Heliocentrism.


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