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Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler was a was a German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer who lived from 1571 to 1630. He discovered the three laws of planetary motion. His biggest challenge with his studies was observational error therefore made it crucial for him to check possible orbits against observation, but this was not his only major challenge faced in life. Kepler was a very religious Lutheran and lived through the Thirty Years War. He was persecuted by catholics throughout his life forcing him to relocate several times because he would not convert. Kepler also lived through the Spanish Armada and Galileo Galilei building the first astronomical telescope which helped his studies.


1571 - Johannes Kepler is Born1591 - Graduated from the University of Tubingen1601 - Appointed Imperial mathematician1609 - Publishes his first two laws of Planetary Motion1618 - Beggining of Thirty Years War1619 - Publishes his Third law of Planetary motion1630- Johannes Kepler dies

Johannes Kepler discovered the three laws of planetary motion which includes the law of ellipses which describes the path of planets around the sun, the law of equal areas which describes the speed at which planets orbit the sun, and the law of harmonies which compares the orbital period of planets.He was the first to explain that the tides are caused by the Earth's moon.Johannes Kepler also discovered the law of continuity which says there is no break in nature and nothing passes from one state to another without passing through all the intermediate states.

Lasting Impact

Johannes Kepler's discoveries have had a lasting impact throughout history and even today. Kepler's laws of planetary motion provided the foundation for Isaac Newton's theory of Universal Gravity. His law of continuity extended concepts such as arithmetic operations and layed the groundwork for infinitesimal calculus today. His discovery of the three laws of planetary motion have had a major impact on space travel today. The laws give us the path of orbit therefore when we launch a satelite towards a planet we can presicely time the launch.


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