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Johannes Gutenberg

In the year of 1398, Johannes Gutenberg was born in Mainz, Germany. His original name was Johannes Gensfleisch (John Gooseflesh) but he changed it to Johannes Gutenberg (John Goodmountain) because he prefered to be called by a more beautiful name. He was born in poverty and taught to read as a child. However, he kept his reading secret because it was believed that only rich people could own books. Soon, he tried experimenting to find an easier way to copy books. After being sponsored by a rich goldsmith, Johann Fust, he was able to create his thoughts and he made the first moveable printing press with the help of Fust and his wealth. However, Fust soon realized that he hadn't gained anything from Gutenberg's creation so he went to court and had a trial which lead to Fust gaining all of Gutenberg's newly gained possesions. Later, the a latin bible was printed from the press which became the first book printed using the press. After losing all of his business and tools, Gutenberg was in poverty once again and died in 1468 due to poverty.


1398 - Gutenberg was born1450 - he invented the first printing press1468 - died of poverty

Johannes Gutenberg created the first moveable printing press by using blocks of wood or metal that contained letters popping out from the block. He then covered the blocks with ink and gave them the ability to move around. This made printing in large masses significantly easier and quicker for copying books and information.

Lasting Impact

Gutenberg has made a lasting impact on our world today by creating the first printing press that we're able to change and fix today so that we can use it for everyday needs.

Johannes Gutenberg




Gutenberg statue in Mainz, Germany

potrait of Johannes Gutenberg

first printed Latin Bible using Gutenberg's printing press

Gutenberg's moveable printing press


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