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Johannes Bronsted

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Personal Facts-A Danish physical chemist whose work resulted in the a new acid base theory. -Father was an engineer for the Danish health society and his mother died after birth. -Bronsted studied Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen and received a master science degree on 1902 and a doctorate degree on 1908.

-Johannes was a assistant professor in 1905 and later became a full professor in 1908. -Bronsted studied several concepts such as chemical affinity, electrolytes, and isotope separation.

Historical Happenings-Johannes travelled all around Europe to contact with other scientists especially in England -World War II made these visits hard resulting in him studying politics.

-Johannes was a member of the British Chemical Society (1935) -A respected doctor in London University on 1947 as was in several other science organizations surrounding his life and work.

Personal Facts/Historical Happenings


Date(s) of Contribution(s)

On May 4th,1923 and January 19th, 1923 Johannes came up with the acid-base theory.

Major Awards

Birth & Death

Born on February 22, 1879 in Varde, Denmark Died on December 17, 1947 in CopenHagen Denmark (Lived in CopenHagen)

Received No Award!

Others Associated WithThomas Martin Lowry with the same concept of acid and bases. Created concept based off of Svante Arrhenius' work.

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The acid here HA donates the Hydrogen (H) ion and the Base (B) accepts the ion resulting in the hydrogen ion having a positive charge and A- has a negative charge since it donated an ion

This is the same as before but using different elements in this one the Hydrogen is removed from the base and is then accepted in the acid.


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