Johanna- by katelyn & shally

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Johanna- by katelyn & shally

When she is not writing a book or letters she likes to play the piano and listen to music.

Johanna Hurwitz visited the library two or three times a week, and got a library card at the age of five. Her dream was to become a libriain. She was a libriain for eight years.

Johanna was an award winning Author of more than sixty popular books for young readers.

She is so popular that some fans make a birthday cake and have their favorite book covers on it.

Johanna wrote a peom at the age of ten.It was printed in New London. She got 50 cents for writing it.It was her first published work.

She had 100 books in her house since she was born. She never had any intrest in them because she liked the library books.

She was really into reading. So she went to a club where only girls were promoted. They met weekly and had meetings about how to make this public libary much better.

She was a trained storyteller. She would tell all kinds of stories. She told spooky,mysteries, realistic ficton,and many more.

Johanna Hurwitz

This book is about a girl, DeDe who makes plans for her mom to be happy after the big divorce. She is a sweet and thoughtful girl. She is so nice and powerful each day. This is my favorite book because it is hilarious,it has 11 funny chapters. It is my favorite book because it is hilarious and DeDe does stupid stuff.

This book is about 2 boys who don't accept a girl,Bolivia who is new .They say she is a mean girl and here to separate us.

Johanna writes Realstic Fiction. She writes that because she uses her exeperinces.

By Katelyn & Shally 5-307



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