Johann Strauss II

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Johann Strauss II

While Johann Strauss II was growing, he loved the violin. Although his father did not, because his father was a musician, but he didn't want his child to follow his path. He continued practicing in secret. One day his father found him playing and he beat him with the violin. His father abandoned him and his mother for another women. His mother encouraged his music. In 1863 he obtained a title as 'Holfballmusikdirektor Music Director of the Royak Court Balls'. They titled him 'The Waltz King' after that.

1825 - Birth1862 - First Wife1863 - Obtained Title 'Music Director of the Royal Court1878 - First Wife Died1878 - Married Angelika Dittrich1887 - Married Adele Deutchin1899 - Death

His competition was Karl Michael Ziehrer and Emile Waldteufel. He was admired by Richard Wagner. His good friend, Johannes Brahms, dedicated his waltz, 'Seid Umshlungen, millionen' to him. He surpassed his fathers name and toured in Austria-Hungary, Poland, and Germany with his orchestra.

He married a women named Henrietta Teffz in 1862. She died in 1878. 6 weeks later he married he married an actress named Angelika Dittrich, although she did not encourage his love for music. They both changed their religion so that they could get happily divorced. He then married Adele Deutchin in 1887, she encouraged his love for music. They remained married.

Johann Struass II





Karl Ziehrer

Emile Waldteufel

His music is mostly played with a piano. He makes mostly waltz music. His piece "Blue Danube" is one of Austria's unofficial anthems.

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