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Johann Sebastian Bach

Born March 31, 1685. Died July, 28 1750. Lived his life in Germany.

He was appointed Cantor of the Thomasschule at the St. Thomas church. He as required to instruct the students in singing to provide music for the main churches in Leipzig. He composed hundreds of cantanas over the years he was at Leipzig. Most of his works were concentrated on Gospel readings required every Sunday and feast day in the Lutheran year.

He created many secular cantatas, a famous one is Phoebus and Pan. Also he made an abundance of organ preludes and choral works. He was described by admirers at the "original father of harmony"


• Bist du bei mir• Laughing and Shouting for Joy• Jesu Hoy of Man's Desiring • Domine Dues • How brightly Shines the Morning Star• Choral Cariations from Vom Himmel Hoch• Magnificat• St. matthew Passion• Alleluia


Famous choral works

Johann Sebastian Bach


Did you know..Bach struggled terribly with his eyesight

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