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Johann Sebastian Bach

Personal Profile: JS BachJohann Sebastian Bach was born on the 21st of March, 1685. He was born in Einsach, Thuringia, which is located in the center of Germany. At age 8, he attended the latin grammar school. Since both of his parents died, Bach and his younger brother were taken in by Johann Christoph, their eldest brother. Since Christoph was an excellant teacher, Bach and his brothers began learning from him. Once Johann Sebastian Bach realized that he had a beautiful soprano singing voice, he traveled 180 miles to Luneburg. One thing Bach wanted as as teenager was to play a special organ that was under construction near his home town in Arnstadt. After the organ was finally finished, Bach returned and became the official organ player of that small church. The church leaders eventually became annoyed with Bach and his lack of desire to follow their rules. This caused Bach to begin searching for a town in need of an organist. After many years of traveling throughout Germany as a organist, violinist, and composer, JS Bach died at the age of 65; a long life given the time period. On the morning of July 28th, Bach woke up only to have a stroke. With his death, he left many musical pieces unfinished. Buried without a tombstone, his grave was soon forgotten until fans moved his body in 1894. Bach's new tomb would go on to be destroyed by bombs during World War II.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Here is a map of Germany during Bach's life. ( Einsach is located towards the middle of Germany).

Bach was born in this house in Germany in 1685.

This is a painting of Bach as an adult

Bach's rise to fameDuring the late 1600's, many people were considered narrow minded and conservative. They did not like matters to sway from tradition. Music in this time was typically church music consisting of the same chord progressions and variations of the same tune. Bach believed that he could change music and make beautiful compositions. After Bach returned from a trip to see the great organist Dietrich Buxtehude, the congregation of the church was very confused with Bachs variations and creativity of their church music. Many people did not like how he changed the chorales because they thought it was unneccesary. After leaving Arnstadt, Bach traveled all across Germany changing the ways music was interpreted. People soon accepted the new modern church music and Bach ended his life as a Director of Choir and Music. Bach is remembered today as one of the best and most well known composers of all time. His various compostitions are still played to this day. Bach became as successfull as he did because he knew very well how to use the available technologies of his time to create beautiful music.

*In his lifetime, Bach composed over 1,000 pieces. However, many of his pieces may have been lost over time, so the actual number may be significantly higher. *

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