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Johann Sebastian bach

Johann Sebastian Bach One of the most talented composer of the German History, have past away July 28, 1750 at Leipzig, Germany.Due to his bad health from June 2nd, 1749, his health gradually started getting worse and had a terrible eyesight which urgently needed to be repair. Due to a operation fail by John Taylor, a british eye surgeon and possible case of stroke with possibility of pneumonia, he passed away. He was buried Old St. John's Cemetery in Leipzig but it wasn't marked to be his very grave for about 150 years. In 1894, after it was located, the coffin was moved to St.john's church but later moved to Leipzig's Church of St. Thomas due to the destruction of St. John's church during World War II. His grave is currently presnt there.R.I.P J.S. BACH

Johann Sebastian Bach, born in Eisenach, Germany in March 21 was a violist, organist, Voilonist, Composer, and harpsichordist during the Baroque Period. Born in a Musical family, J.S. Bach father Johann Ambrosuis Bach, was the director of the towns musician and all this uncles were professional musicians too. Not only did he know how to play the voilin and the harpsichord he knew how to singing leading him to go to St. Micheal's School. He had 2 spouses in his life time. He had about 20 Children and they were sort of a succesor of their father as they some of them became one of the most amazing musicians around the 1600- 1700.

Melodies Of BachLet I Compose the Best,Let I be the best.Being a bit safisticated,doesn't want to rest.Play, Play all day,Stay awake every Ray, Sing along everyday,With the melody of the play.The beloved Voilin,flowing in the brain, Never be the one to lose,But the one to be the rose.

This piece by J.S. Bach is magnificent. It's style, it's melody, it's calmness brings out the beauty of music. It makes you feel like you are in a Royal Palace, where you are the Princess of the night asked to perform a dance with your Prince or the opposite way around. The calm, royal, beautiful and romantic feelings it give out when you listen to the piece is enough to make your day bright. It is a masterpiece. If I was in a bad mood, the first thing i would do is listen to the piece so i can enjoy the rest of my day.


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