[2015] Lauren Constantino (Music 8 Swanson 7): Johann Sebastain Bach

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[2015] Lauren Constantino (Music 8 Swanson 7): Johann Sebastain Bach

Johann S. Bach

Johann Sebastain Bach was born in Eisenach Germany on March 21st 1685 his parents died before he was 10, he lived with his older brother who had taught him to play the clauichord and harpsichord at an early age. Throughout his lifetime, Bach played many musical instruments including the clavichord, harpsicord, violin, and the organ. In 1740 Bach developed serious eye trouble. In his last few years he was nearly blind. He died of a stroke in 1750.

Bach was a German composer who wrote baroque music. Bach wrote almost every genre of music except for operas, he wrote sonatas, concertos, suites, contatas, and vocal works. "Toccata and Fugue" in D minor on the organ, "Herz und Mund and Tat"(heart,mouth,and deed), and "Jesu"(joy of mans desiring) are just a few examples of all the great pieces that Bach has wrote. He completed book 1 of the well-tempered clavier in 1722 which people still study to this day.


Johann Sebastian Bach wrote many great music pieces this one piece is "Toccata and Fugue"(in D minor) now a days people will use this piece at events during Halloween or in scary movies. This song consist of only the pipe organ. The way Bach composed this song it has the organ play chords that gives it this creepy Halloween feel. You will hear this piece in many places such as in movies, on television shows, or pretty much anywhere you can think of. This is one of Bach's most famous pieces that was also very well composed

Bach's CD cover

"Toccata and Fuge" sountrack by Bach

A score of Bach's music

This is a building built during Bach's life time.

Food: Poundcakes, cupcakes, mushroom ketchup, crap cakes, muffins, crackers, chowder, cinnamon buns, english muffins, sweet potato pie, and mashed potatos.

This is the type of clothing people wore during the 1700's.

Transportation:Many people used horse and buggy or even steam ships to get around during the 1700's

Political:Frederick the Great became king in 1740 which was during the time that Bach was composing.

by, Lauren Constantino

These are crab cakes that people ate during the 1700's

This is a painting done by George Stubbs (1724-1806) who was a famous english horse painter during Bach's life time.


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