Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

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Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

•Started schools in Switzerland and Germany •Believed schools should resemble secure and loving homes •Teaching should use the senses •Pestalozzi’s Principles of Teaching 1. Begin with the concrete object before introducing abstract concepts 2. Begin with the immediate environment before dealing with what is distant and remote 3. Begin with easy exercises before introducing complex ones 4. Always proceed gradually, cumulatively, and slowly•Developed a "object lesson" in which pupils determined and traced an object's form, counted objects, and named them •Students progressed from these lessons to exercises in drawing, writing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and reading

JohannHeinrich Pestalozzi


1746 - Birth1774 - Established Neuhof School1779 - School Closed1799 - Director of Stan Orphange1800 - Started Residential Teacher Training1827 - Death

•Innovative teacher •Committed to social reform •Helped children orphaned during the war•Opened many schools to help orphaned kids•Thought the best thing man could do is teach a man to help himself •Laid the foundation for modern elementary education

Lasting Impact

Influenced the creation of kindergarten and the modern elementary schools of today


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Neuhof School


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