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Johannes Kepler

Kepler was born the 27 of December 1571 and died the 15th of November 1630. Kepler was orginally from Germany. Johannes had one sibling, and her name was Katrina Kepler. Johannes was a very sick child, he was very weak. His father was sent to fight in the eight years war. His father never came back. so his family thought that he died in the war. Kepler was also born into the scientific Revolution. At a very young age Kepler was very intrested in Astronmy at a very early age.


Johannes Kepler was very very clever. Kepler had many Achivements, his first major achivement was a book called Mysterium Cosmographicum, lots of scientists read this book, the book was about the mysterys of the univerese. Kepler based the book about the Copernican Theroy which was created by Nicolaus Copernicus, this theroy meant that there were six plantes and they all orbited the sun. Even though lots of people thought that this wrong. It was proven right by lots of scientists. Kepler wrote many books about the univerese.

The laws of planetary motionFirst to suggest that the sun roatates about its axisFirst to explain the science of how a telescope works First to write science fiction First to Explain the tides are caused by the moon.First to Use the word SatelliteFirst to correctly explain the first "natural laws", which are universal, verifiable and preciseFirst to write science fiction First to coin the common word "Satellite" First to suggest that the Sun rotates about its axis First to explain that the tides are caused by the Earth's Moon First to derive the birth year of Christ, which is now universally accepted

Lasting Impact

Kepler was very famous after he discoverd the laws of planetray motion, or thats what most people remeber him for. People also remember him as a scientist that discoverd many laws of the universe. Kepler worked a lot with tycho brahe, another astronmer who was danish(just like me). Tycho and Kepler belived the same things around Planetary motion as Copernicus did, they just belived that there were more than six plaents orbiting the sun, the bileved that eight planets were orbiting around the sun. Johannes looked through his telescope a lot, he knew that there were a lot of planets. Kepler was also a very religous man, he had a very strong sences to god. Kepler was not a know man until he began discovery that there were more planets and that they all orbited the sun. Kepler got a lot of attention from this.


Johannes KeplerbyAugust Houborg


Johannes Kepler Video

Johannes Keplers First Achivment

My opion on Johannes keplerI think that it is important to learn about Johannes kepler because he did a lot of cool thinks. Forexample, he was the first to explain how a telescope works, and he was the first to write about planetary laws. If he didnt write anything about planetary laws, be would not know how the planets would be orbiting and how they are doing it. Keplers work is also very important because it teaches people about the univerese and how the planets orbit.

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When copernicus mentioned that the sun was in the middle of our universe, and that the planets were orbiting the sun. People thought that he was crazy because no one else had proven it. But then when johannes kepler begain to discover this people begain to understand how the univerese is and people also thought that copernics was correct after many more scientists have proven it. Johannes kepler got quite famous for this, he also did a lot of other stuff that proved the plantery motion laws, and that the sun is in the center and planets are orbiting it.

How people thought of Johannes kepler before and after he started finding out about the universe

Johannes kepler was very good at impressing people at a very young age, even though he was always sick. He really liked astronmy from a young age, but people didnt really know that at this young age something magnificent was born.It was first when he started to look at starts, people started to beilive what he was saying about the planets and the stars


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