Johanes Kepler

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Johanes Kepler

Kepler had many accomplishments throughout his life. First of all, he is most famous for his invention of the telescope used for seeing into space. Secondly, he explained how the process of vision works by refraction within the eye, and studies on the eye. Then, Kepler discovered the 3 laws of planetary motion. Last of all, he invented the 'satellite' and showed how the shape of the Earth worked along with the 6 planets.

By: Emily Romanowski

" The ideas of quantities have been and are God from eternity, they are God himself," Kepler

Kepler grew up in different locations all in Germany.

Johannes Kepler


Important Timeline Events


Some of Kepler's life accomplishments were first, that in 1591, Johannes Kepler was awarded his master's degree. Secondly, in 1597 Barbara Müller married Johannes Kepler in Graz. Lastly, in 1601 Kepler appointed Imperial Mathmetician. These are a few of Kepler's life events.<emid=28

Born: Dec. 27, 1571Died: Nov. 15, 1630

Throughout the Renaissance Kepler was a scientist. He discovered universal discoveries but also made inventions leading to bigger discoveries.


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