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Deciduous forest is located in U.S., Canda, Europe, and Russia. Its temperature is 0 degree to 30 degrees celsius. Deciduous forest is the one of the boime that have four seasons witch are spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Deciduous Forest



Giant Polypore Bracket Fungus Bracket fungi are look like shelvs. Most bracket are grow on trees, but know many trees are cut and the fungi grow on them die too. they are not like mushrooms die in a few days they liv a few years.

Eastern Coyote It had brought from Canda in 1920's. A male weight 20 to 50 pounds and 4 to 5 feet long. It can smell up to 1 mile or 1.6 km..


Oak Tree Oak tree is the tallest tree in the forest.It might be two times bigger then normal tree. Because of it is very tall so it get many sunlight and grow fast.

Raccon Raccon is a good climber and can swim if necessary. They eat seed, birds, nut, fruit, and corn. The young can open its eye about 3 weeks. After 2 mounths they can grow without mom.

The deciduous forest was made from three levels. It was canopy (top), understory (middle), and forest floor (floor)

Eastern ChipmunkEastern chipmunk can be 8 to 10 inchs long. It was a member of squirrel family. They has beautiful black and white stripes.

Most trees have 6 parts. Bark (protect), phloem (carryfood), leaves (make food), camblum (make wood), sapwood (carry water), hardwood (support tree).

A deciduous forest must start with a piece of land with richn soil. Then it will get seeds from birds and small trees grows. Next smell trees became tall trees. Last trees will spread seeds let new trees grow.

Sugar Maple A sugar maple have orange and yellow leaves at fall, it is also the symble of the deciduous forest. They did not grow much perhaps only grow 1 or 2 (2 to 5 cm) inchs per year, but it can grow in any canpy conditions.



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