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Joey Bishop

- Born in the Bronx, NY as one of five children- Raised in Philadelphia- Drafted into the Army in WWII- Married to Sylvia Ruzga who died from lung cancer in 1999- Had one son Larry Bishop- Friends with Frank Sinatra- Died in 2007 in California from heart failure- Hall of Fame member of "The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia"

Before "The Tonight Show"

- Stand-Up comedian with his brother- TV debut 1948- Frequent guest in talk, game and comedy shows- Appeared in several movies (The Deep Six, The Naked and the Dead, Onionhead) - Joins Sinatra's "Rat Pack" (famous group of actors)

After "The Tonigh show"

- "Joey Bishop Show" (61) on NBC, then CBS and later relaunched on ABC- Continued with the "Rat Pack" (Ocean's 11, Sergants 3, Texas Across the River)- Last surviving member of the "Rat Pack"- Frequent guest and panelist in different shows

He was famous for

- Originator of most of the "Rat Pack's" comic material and anchor of their stage presence- His catchphrase "Son of a gun!"- Refused to memorize jokes

Joey Bishop(1918-2007)


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