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Joelseph Penguin Project

Emperor Penguin[Aptenodytes fosteri]by Joel Freitas

The name "penguin" comes from 1 of 2 languages.

The Latin word "pinguis" meaning fat to describe the penguins appearence.

In Walsh "pen" means head and "gwyn" means white to form the word "pengwyn".

APPEARENCEThe penguin looks like a large fat bird with a white stomach and black back. It also has a beak, very small legs, and a small tail. It is also 3 ft tall.

LOCOMOTIONOn land emperor penguins waddle or slide on their stomachs. In the water they are the fastest swimmers at 15mph.

DietEmperor penguins mainly eat krill and occasionally eat fish.

Above is where penguins live. Emperor penguins only live in Antarctica.

BEHAVIOREmperor penguins are very social. They live in large groups called colonies. They do everything together unless the penguin is depressed. If the penguin is depressed then it will waddle away and die.

This is an example of emperor penguin noises and locomotion.

DEFENSEOn defense the penguins make quick turns to avoid their predators.

OFFENSEOn offense penguins eat little things by catching them in their beak.

The penguins are in the middle of the food web.

ADAPTATIONSEmperor penguins have adapted a lot. In the water their black backs blend with the dark ocean. From the bottom the penguin's white stomachs blend with the sun's bright light.


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