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Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggios Baseball Career

Joe DiMaggio's Love Life

Joe DiMagios Birth

Joe DiMaggio was a baseball player. He played for the New York Yankees on May 3, 1936. His career ended on 1951.In his career he had a total batting average of .340. His brother, Vincent DiMaggio, used to be a player for the New York Yankees. When His career ended joe dimaggios career took off.

Joe DiMaggio had a wierd relationship with Marylin Monroe. Joe and Marylin were maried for two years, 1952-1954. She had filed a divorce in the fall of 1954 against Joe DiMaggio. Joe wasnt happy with being divorced so he bugged Marylin's phone and tracked her to where she was living at the time. He put a fake beard on and held a time magizine in front of his face.

Joe DiMaggio was born as Guiseppe Paolo DiMaggio in Martinez, California on November 24, 1914. He died on March 8, 1999 in Hollywood, Florida. joe was the eighth child made by Guiseppe and Rosalina DiMaggio.

Joe DiMaggios parents were Giuseppe and Rosalia DiMaggio. Giuseppe was a fisherman from an island just off the coast of Sicily. rosalia did not work but she was maried to Giuseppe when he went to America for a better life. He worked for the rail road for 10 cents an hour. He saved up till he had enough money to bring his wife and kids over to America. Giuseppe wanted to go to the california area because he thought there would be better fishing opurtunities.

About Joe DiMaggios Parents


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