Jobs and Careers in Antarctica

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Jobs and Careers in Antarctica

1. Antarctica is a big place and to discover it you need scientist. There is a range of jobs people can choose from and there are lots of people who want a jobs but not everyone can get one. There are hundreds more people wanting jobs than the amount available so you have to be different to other scientist. But before you go you have to go through the training cause first.

5.There are also support positions what are position that help and support the scientist. Support positions are just as important as scientific position because without the support parts the whole station would be chaotic and everything would be out of control. Some of these positions include cooks, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, doctors and firefighters what are positions you would find in a normal town. These position keeps the station running.

4.There is a huge choice of jobs you can choose from in Antarctica. The main categorise scientist study are Meteorology, Geology, Oceanology, Areonomy, Glaciology, Biology and Astrophysics. Most of the scientific positions all end in "logy". All these positions have different responsibilities, Meteorology is a study of weather, Glaciology is a study of glacias and climate changes and Biology is a study of animals. These positions are called scientific positions.

3.The reason so many scientist go to Antarctica is because its very different to other countries and places. Since Antarctica had'nt been found that long ago Antarctica hasnt been touched much meaning that its not as polluted as other places. Because of this scientist can see what it was like in the past just by looking at ice 5m down.

Jobs and Careers in AntarcticaBy Alyssa Lowe

6.Without scientist in Antarctcia we would know a whole lot less. Scientist keep the world full of knowledge and Antarctica to me is the best place to get the knowledge. Antarctica is an amazing place with amazing scientist .

2.The Training cause leading up to going to Antarctica is very important. Part of the training cause you have to learn all the rules of the whole Antarctic treaty because as a scientist you are representing you country and if you break the Treaty you are fining your country a whole lot of money. If you can't complete the feild training you cannot go to Antarctica. That is why the training is so important before you go.


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