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Joan Of Arc

In 1412, Joan of Arc was born in Domremy, France. It was a small village, and Joan grew up in a peasant family. In 1425, around age 13, Joan started hearing "voices" which she claimed were the voices of Saint Catherine, Saint Margaret, and Saint Michael. She said these voices commanded her to aid the Dauphin, Charles, in his fight against England and Burgundy. Reims was the traditional location where French kings were crowned. When Joan went to Vaucouleurs to offer her aid, she was turned down. In February of 1429, however, she was granted an audience with the Dauphin. He was superstitious so he sent her with an army of troops to aid in the Siege of Orleans. Joan followed sudden commands from her voices and stumbled upon a battle between English and French forces. Rallying the French troops, she drove the English out of fort after fort, ending the siege and earning herself popularity throughout France as the "Maid of Orleans."After subsequently defeating the English again at the Battle of Patay, Joan brought Charles to Reims, where he was officially crowned King Charles VII on July 17. Charles then named Joan and her family to French nobility, in thanks for Joan's services to France.Joan continued to fight for Charles's interests, but her luck had run out. In May of 1430, while holding off Burgundian troops at the Battle of Compiegne so the French townspeople could flee, Joan was captured by John of Luxembourg. Joan was so popular and such a valuable symbol to the pro-Charles side that the English and Burgundians knew killing her immediately would cause an outrage and create a martyr. Instead, they enlisted the church to discredit her first.After two escape attempts, Joan came to trial for suspected heresy and witchcraft. Cauchon tried to make her admit that she had invented the voices, found her guilty of heresy. Joan signed an abjuration admitting that her previous statements had been lies. But after a few days, she said she hadn't meant the abjuration, and she was sentenced to burn at the stake. Only nineteen, Joan was burned on May 30, 1431.


1412 - Birth1425 - First Visions and voices.May 4, 1429- ·After a sudden inspiration, Joan leads an attack on the English. June 18, 1429: Battle of Patay 1430 - CaptureJanuary 13, 1431: ·Joan's trial begins 1431 - Death (burned at the stake)

Joan of Arc was a faithful Christian. She showed this through the way that she followed God, asked him about everything and was always connected to him. she always talked about God, and she claimed that she heard the voices from other christian saints.

Lasting Impact

Joan of arc showed us that anyone can talk and believe in God, and women can do what they set their mind to.


Joan Of Arc



I think that Joan of Arc is an important martyr because she showed us that women are as good as men. She also showed us that if we stay faithful to god, then good things will happen.


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