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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was born a peasant girl in medieval France into a farming family. When she was a young girl, she started hearing the voice of God directing her life. She later also heard three angels who told her to "fight for the King of Heaven and for France." She had no previous military training, yet petitioned to lead the French Army in battle. She was first denied, but pleaded once more and was granted permission. Joan cut her hair and dressed in men's clothing. She valiantly led the French Army and defeated the English in Orleans. In a seige soon after, Joan was thrown from her horse and taken captive. She was put on trial and had over 70 charges brought against her, including dressing like a man and witchcraft. She was sentenced to death and burned at the stake. Joan of Arc lived a heroic life and died bravely, fighting for what she believed in.


Jan. 6, 1412 -born in Donremy, France1422 - starts hearing God's voice directing her life1429 - Joins Army and leads victory over Orleans1430 - Joan is captured by the Burgundians and put on trialMay 30, 1431 - Joan is burned at the stake1453 - French defeat English and 100 Year's War is over1920 -Joan was canonized a saint in the Catholic Church

Joan of Arc accomplished great things that many people doubted she could do. Women did not fight in those days, let alone lead. Joan was raised in a poor farming family. People thought she was insane for claiming to hear God's voice, and yet every opportunity was provided for her success. She rose up past these stereotypes and led an army to victory simply by persevering and standing up for what she believed in.

Lasting Impact

Joan of Arc became even more famous after her death. She became the patron saint of France and is portrayed in many forms of art, literature, and movies. Even today, she inspires people of all kinds to stand in the face of adversity and inspires them to have strength, courage, and hope.


Joan of Arc



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