Joan Of Arc

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Joan Of Arc

Joan of Arc lived during the Italian Renaissance and she led France against the English. She was named the patron saint of France. France had suffered from the Hundred Years' War and Joan decided to take that war to be her own. Joan courageously led France with all of her might. Joan believed that if Orléans fell to the English that the rest of France would follow.


1337 - Beginning of Hundred Years' War1412 - Joan of Arc was BornApril 27, 1428 - Joan set out for OrléansMay 8, 1429 - Siege Lifted1430 - Joan was captured by the Burgundians

During her lifetime Joan of Arc led the French forces to victory. She defeated the English at the Siege of Orléans.

Lasting Impact

Joan of Arc still lives today by saving the country of France and being named the patron saint of France.


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Joan Of Arc



Spencer Strei


Do you think Joan should have been burned at the stake?

Would you be courageous enough to lead an army that is losing a war?

Do you think Joan deserved the title of the patron saint of France?

1. Joan saved France from England.2. Joan was given the title of the patron saint of France.3. Joan gave instilled confidence upon the military of France.4. Joan died for what she believed in.5. Joan led an army when people had lost hope.

Key Points Of Significance


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