Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc believed that God wanted her to save the country by getting rid of the English out of France.

She lead them into the war and captured the city of Orleans, which they had some victory over the English and their French allies. After King Charles the 7th got crowned, the burgundians captured Joan of Arc and tried her for heresey and witchcraft. They burned her at the stake in 1920.

Joan of Arc

This is when she and her army won over the City of Orleans.

Joan of Arc was a peasant girl who lived in Domremy, France. She asked King Charles the 7 and King Henry the 6 if she could be and join the army and help fight. She finally convinced them and they said yes. She also convinced them that she could lead the military army with no training. They said yes

Middle Ages



1412- Born1431 - Burned at Stake1920- Finally considered a saint

Joan of Arc had two brothers, Peter and John.


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