Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc

Merlin said a maid from Lorraine would come to save France. That maid was Joan. God' s angels told Joan she needed to save her home of France from Great Britain. Joan believed she could and she did. The people were waiting for their hero. They most likely were shocked to see their hero just a young peasant girl. But the people got so much more.The people of France got Joan the virgin maid from Lorraine.

Fighting for France

Joan had a large family including her parents, her sister and her, plus her 3 brothers. Joan was a strange child, while other girls left flowers for fairies, Joan instead left them for the saints.

Joan earned her nickname "Maid of Orleans" from saving the city of Orleans in France. Joan led many great victories for France and she also led some raidings toward the Burgundians. They how ever later captured her and actually went to the effort of holding her hostage in a castle.

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The Great warrior in Battle

Joan of ArcMaid of Orleans

Family ' Joan

Joan's Family Crest Darc

Joan ' God

God was Joan's life. People even sometimes refered to her as "Daughter of God" Joan is such a religous figure that in 1920 she was put into the Catalogue of Saints. She had the saints St. Michael and St. Margaret speak to her.

1412 to 1431 Barely Eighteen


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