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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was a leader historically and spiritually. She was born in 1412 in Domremy, France. She seemed pretty ordinary until at the age of 14 in 1426 is when she started hearing "voices". She claimed they were from St Catherine, St Margaret and St Michael. They told her to help Charles, the Dauphin, in his fight against England and Burgundy in the 100 Year's War and to see him crowned the King of France. Initially she was laughed at until she was granted audience with Charles. He was superstitious and curious so he granted her to take a troop and to help in the Siege of Orleans. With her leadership qualities, she drove the English out and earned herself the title of "Maid of Orleans". After defeating the English again at the Battle of Patay, she brought Charles to Reims to be crowned as King Charles VII. Joan continued to fight, but was captured by John of Luxembourg. She came to trial under Bishop Pierre Cauchon for suspected heresy and witchcraft. She was burned at the stake but later had her name cleared. She led the French to victory.

What Did She Do That Was Significant?

1337 - Hundred Year's War begins1412 - Born and baptized in Domremy.1426 - Recieves her message from God.1429 - Recieves command over small force.1429 - Leads attack on English at Orleans.1430 - She is captured by Burgundians.1431 - Tried and burned at stake.1441 - Her name is cleared.1453 - French win war.1920 - Joan becomes a Saint.

Joan of Arc stood up for what she believed in and took action. She didn't let being a woman stop her. She fought for her beliefs and for her king. Joan led a troop and helped defeat many battles, that started with the Siege of Orleans. She helped France win the 100 Year's War and helped crown King Charles VII. Even though she was convicted of witchcraft, she got her name cleared and became a Saint in the end. She has influenced the world by taking action and standing up for what she believed in.

What Characteristics Did She Possess?

Her characteristics were:Intelligent and Tactical: She led a French army and defeated the English with smart techniques.Brave: Even though she was a woman she fought for her beliefs and her king with great bravery.Influential: She influenced many to fight for France and to stand up for what you believe in.Confident: Joan was confident she would win with God on her side.Passionate: She was passionate for her religion and her country. So much that she would risk anything for them.


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Joan of Arc By: Maya Motyka

Who Was She?


Fight For What You Believe In!

Joan of Arc Captured.

What Skills Did She Possess?

Her skills were:Persaution: She needed to convince everyone, especially the Dauphin that she was sent on a mission from God. Communication: She needed to communicate her ideas and tactics on how to defeat the English army. Motivation: She needed to motivate her army into following her into battle.Equestrian: She always rode her horse into battle and skillfully maneuvered herself with it.

"I am not afraid... I was born to do this."- Joan of Arc

“I would rather die than do something which I know to be a sin, or to be against God's will.”-Joan of Arc

What Made You Choose Her?

I chose Joan of Arc because she is so inspirational to women everywhere. Even at a time where women where looked down upon, she still stepped up and made herself an equal to men. She was one of the first to show leadership qualities in women throughout history. She shows how if you have something motivating you, it can make you accomplish great things. I llok to her as a role model and an inspiration.


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