Joan of Arc Essential Questions

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Joan of Arc Essential Questions

Essential Questions

Level 2 1. Explain why Joan was executed for her righteous acts.2. Distinguish the difference in the way she was as a peasant then as she was when she was a knight.3. Classify how she was able to show a great amount of leadership towards the rebellious act.4. Analyze the meaning of Joan of Arc's nickname, "The Maid of Orléans," and the reason why she was dubbed so.5. Contrast the cowardice of the French King Charles VI and courage of the french peasant Joan of Arc.

Level 3 1. Predict the reaction of Joan's relatives when she was burned at stake.2. Evaluate the events leading to Joan of Arc's gruesome death.3. Judge the fairness of Joan's fate.4. If Joan was a hero of the peasants, visualize the rebellion that arised when Joan was killed.5. Imagine the battles Joan of Arc fought through and the courage she demonstrates in strong leadership that caused the French to win back their rightful land.

Level 11. Who was Joan of Arc? 2. Describe Joan of Arc's lifestyle. 3. Identify Joan of Arc's occupation and achievements. 4. Define the Hundred Year's War.5. Describe Joan of Arc during her service for the French.



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