[2014] mackenzie rhodes: Joan of Arc

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[2014] mackenzie rhodes: Joan of Arc

St Joan of Arc1412 – 30 May 1431

St. Joan of Arc (Jehanne Darc) is the patroness of soldiers and of France. She is an important part of the history of France as she was a tremendous help in the victory of the Hundred Years War. But without the influence of God, St Margret, St Catherine and St Michael she would never have had the strength to carry out her missions.

Where did she come from?

Joan of Arc was born a peasant girl in Domremy, France on January 6, 1412. She worked on a farm with her family and Instead of attending school, she helped out on the farm, learned to sew and also how to spin wool.

How did she live a christian life?

Who was she?

"One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying"- Joan of Arc

25 years after Joan’s death the church commission overturned the charges against her and declared her innocent. In 1920 Joan was canonized a saint by the roman catholic church and made a martyr because of heroism and devotion far more than her military and political conquests.

How did she become a martyr?

Why is she important and her influence?

Joan is one of the most imoirtant martyr militay leaders of all time mostly because she has completed so many things in just 19 years. At only 17 she was put in command of the French army, she is still the youngest person to ever command the armies of a nation. She as also able to completely reverse a war that had been going on for almost 100 years in only a couple of months. The victories she won at Orleans and Patay are considered among the greatest in all of history. She also had a prophetic ability that was always correct due to the voices she heard and her personal devotion to God along with her commitment to purity.

Joan was a highly religious person spending everyday at the local church praying. One day while in the fields she heard the voices of St Michael, St Catherine and St Margaret to help win back France. The rest of her life from that point on was heavily influenced by these saints as joan eventually became one of the most influential military leaders of all time. Although the reason she became one of the most famous

martyrs of all time is not because of that reason but because of her devotion to god throughout her whole life.


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