[2015] Juan Infante-Magana: J.Magana - All about me

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[2015] Juan Infante-Magana: J.Magana - All about me

Digital Storytelling

The future that I see for myself is to make a million dollars before 21. I am going to do this with the idea that I have for my company. I more than anything want to be a multi-millionaire, I want to own my own island one day and have a private resort on it. I have bery big plans for my life and I am working very hard everyday to make them come true.

The goals that I have set for myself are to graduate highschool. Other goals that I have set for my self is to buy mysef a Dodge Challenger by my 21st birthday and have my own recording studio by that time.


All About Juan

Summary of my future

My family is what motivates me to do the best that I can in life. I know that without my family life would be pretty boring. I promised my mom a home in Malibu CA and I plan to deliver. Because my mom deserves it all for what shes done for me and my mom.


Some hobbies that I have are to make and produce music, I like to listen to a song and be able to break it down and see how its composed. I also like to skateboard, and race trucks off road.

Some of the experiences that I have had have been the best. I have been to the Golden State so many times and this last summer was the best one of all. I went to Yosimite National Park and I was amazed. I also went to Los Angeles and even visted UCLA I plan to attend UCLA. When I accumulate my wealth I will buy my dream home in the Holly wood Hills.





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