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J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling

Fast Facts1. Joanne Rowling was born in England, but now lives in Scotland because she enjoys the country's beauty.2. She has no middle name. The "K" in J.K. actually stands for Kathleen, her grandmother's name. She used initals so that nobody would know she was a woman.3. She is the author of 12 books.4. She is the first author to ever earn a billion dollars.5. She holds the record for the fastest selling book ever.6. Her books have been printed in 69 languages and in 200 different countries.

She is best known for the series of Harry Potter books.

Rowling's Harry Potter books were made into a series of eight films. These films were the most successful series in Hollywood history!

Rowling assisted the Universal Orlando theme park in creating "The Wizarding World in Harry Potter". The park is a replica of Hogsmeade from the book. She is also assisting in the creation of Diagon Alley, which will open in 2014.

Pottermore is an interactive online experience created by J.K. Rowling that allows users to explore the books and view exclusive Harry Potter content.

Rowling has also published two books for adults, one under the pen-name Robert Galbraith.

A fan made video describing the Harry

Potter series in 99 seconds

To visit her website, click here.


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