J.J. Thomson (Robert Millikan)

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J.J. Thomson (Robert Millikan)

J.J. Thomson & Robert MillikanJ.J. Thomson and Robert Millikan relate with electrons. Yes! J.J. Thomson discovered electrons and with this discovery, in the future, it would help Robert in his finding of the photoelectric effect which help us have the electricity we have today.

J.J. ThomsonRobert Millikan

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J.J. Thomson is well known for his discovery of the electron through his research of cathode rays, subatomic particles, and evidence of isotopes.Robert Millikan was a physicist known for the measurement of electronic charge throught was is known as his "falling drop method" (measuring the constant charge and quanta of electrons) and his work on the photoelectric effect.

J.J. Thomson - Was born on Dec. 18, 1856 in United Kindom. Thomson attended Owens College at age 14 and later he went to Cambridge University. He had 2 children and a wife. He was elected to the Royal Society and served as president.

Robert Millikan was born on March 22, 1868 in California, U.S. Graduated Oberlin College and got his doctorate at Columbia University. He has a family of 4 children and a spouse. Robert also serve din the United States Army

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