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Sage Blackwood lives at the edge of a forest, with thousands of books and a very old dog. She enjoys carpentry, cooking, walking in the woods, and of course, writing!

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Some of the books she wrote are Jinx (of course) and Jinx's Magic.

The main setting of the book is in the Urwald. The Urwald is a magical place with many trees, trees that an talk! The Urwald has many small and BIG animals. There are also tons of leaves. You can't take one step without stepping on a leaf!

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Favorite QuoteThe only quote and my favorite quote is knowledge is power. I kept on thinking of what it meant but as I read on I figured out what it meant.

Favorite SceneOne of my favorite scences is when Jinx finds out where Samara is. Then Jinx gets caught by a mean old lady and gets chased by her. Simon then grabs Jinx, and they run back to the Urwald.

Favorite CharacterSophie is Simon's wife. She is a very nice character in the book because she took very care of Simon and Jinx very well. For example, Simon was bleeding very bad and Sophie did everything she could to stop the bleeding.

JinxWritten by: Sage BlackwoodGlogster by: Sofie Rees

Favorite Things

Favorite CharacterAnother one of my favorite characters is Jinx(of course.)He is very sweet at the beginning of the book because he is always helpful around the house. For example he helps cook, clean, and do spells!

I recommend this book for kids who would like to go into a magical world with Jinx and his friends for a fun, incredible adventure.



Written by: Sofie Rees

Books Written By:Sage Blackwood

5 Stars!!!!!!


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