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jimmys road

Jimmy's Road

Musician/Band - ...Willie Nelson - ... The IRS Tapes

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The genre of Jimmy's Road does not play a role in the message in the song because any song can be produced but have the same message but the setting of the message could play a role with the genre.

Genre and messsge related?

Date Released

The subject protested was a friend leaving his home town to go to war and never coming back. The person involved was Jimmy who is actually Willies friend and bass player David Zettner.

David Zettner was drafted to fight in the Veitnam war in 1968. Diring the war he died and Willie wrote Jimmy's Road in memory of him. This is related to history through David fighting in the Veitnam war and Willie writing the song related to it.

Jimmy's Road does not clearly state the message because you just think its a bout a boy named Jimmy who goes to war but if you listen closer you learn that its about if you go to war you don't always come back.

''This is the battle ground where Jimmy learned to killNow Jimmy has a trade and Jimmy knows it well too wellThis is Jimmy's grave where Jimmy's body liesWhen a soldier falls Jimmy's body dies and dies''

Jimmy's Road evokes sadness because Jimmy dies in battle


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