Jimmy Carter

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Jimmy Carter

Although Jimmy Carter was not very popular in his term, he still made some big changes to our nation. Carter was the 39th president of the United States, and he served from 1977-1981. With past experiences in politics, it was no surprise that he was elected as president. He established two important cabinet-level departments during his term: The Department of Energy and The Department of Education. Carter was elected president in a time of inflation in our country, which might be a part of the reason why he wasn’t elected for a second term. By 1980, Carter had lost his popularity among the people and lost the election to the Republican Candidate Ronald Reagan.


1924 - Birth1941 - Graduation of HS1960 - Elected to Georgia Senate1970 - Elected Georgia governor1976 - Becomes President

Became a successful peanut farmerAttended a Naval academyCreated two strong departments in our governmentVisited foregin countries such as Vietnam, Africa, and North Korea in order to help out the poor

Carter Today

Jimmy Carter is still alive today. He lives in his hometown of Plains, Georgia and actively volunteers his time to local boards


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Jimmy Carter




1976 electoral vote


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