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Jimi Hendrix

“My dad was very strict and taught me that I must respect my elders always. I couldn’t speak unless I was spoken to first by grown-ups, so I’ve always been very quiet,

Jimi Hendrix



Origin: London

Genre: Rock

Members: Guitarist/Singer: Jimi HendrixBassist: Noel ReddingDrummer:Mitch Mitchell

1968 - Electric Ladyland1994 - Woodstock1994 - Blues1971 - Rainbow Bridge1984 - Kiss the Sky1975 - Midnight Lightning

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Fun Facts

Jimi's first weapon of choice was his Guitar.His Father incouraged his musical careerJimi once played guitar with his teethHe's Historically Famous Because he was a big influence on rock and roll

Years Active: 1960's/1970's

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1942Johnny Allen Hendrix is born at 10:15 a.m. In Seattle, Washington

1946Al Hendrix, now out of the service, changes his son’s name to James Marshall Hendrix..

1958Jimi Hendrix goes to see Elvis Presley perform at Sicks Stadium.

1947Mitch Mitchell was born.

1958Jimi Hendrix’s mother dies.

1945Noel Redding was born.

1961Jimi Hendrix enlists in the Army and is stationed at Fort Ord, California



Jimi hendrix

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