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Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe was born May 28, 1887 in a cabin in Oklahoma. His father was Hiram Thorpe, a farmer, and his mother was Mary James. His mother descended from Native Americans. One of Thorpe's relatives was Black Hawk. He was chief of the Fox tribe and a known warrior and athlete. Thorpe started at Carlisle Industrial Indian School in 1904. Thorpe went to the Olympics in 1912 and received to gold medals for the decathlon and pentathlon. However, these were taken away when it was discovered that he had played baseball in a semi- professional setting and had earned money for it. After this he played both baseball and football professionally for several years and helped make the NFL how we know it today. He passed away on March 28, 1953 of a heart attack.


1887- Year of Birth1904- Attended Carlisle Industrial Indian School1912- Attended Olympics1953- Year of Death

Jim Thorpe earned two gold medals in the Olympics. However, they were later taken away. He played profession baseball for the New York Giants, Cincinnati Reds, and the Boston Braves. He also played professional football with the Canton (Ohio) Bulldogs, the Cleveland (Indiana) Indians, and the Oorang Indians. He also became president of the American Professional Football Association which later evolved into the NFL.

Lasting Impact

Jim Thorpe set records that stood for decades after. He also helped change the NFL into what we know it to be today.


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Jim Thorpe

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