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Jim Henson

Jim Henson began his live in Greenville, Mississippi. While he lived there he had a happy childhood. He would often play with his best friend Kermit, who was the inspiration for the name of Jim's most famous muppet, Kermit the Frog. Jim started working with puppets in high school. He worked on a local TV channel in Washington, D.C. When Jim was a college freshmen he became a professional puppeteer working a show called Sam and Friends. Sam and Friends starred puppets of Henson's own creation. Jim called these puppets, "Muppets." This was a combination of the words marionette and puppet. Jim saw major success from Sam and Friends and the commercials he made with the characters. Jim became wildly popular and his muppets began appearing on many of the most popular late night TV shows. Because of this success Jim and his muppets had a weekly spot on The Today Show. In 1969, Jim and his collaborators created Sesame Street. Sesame Street was a show that used flashy colors and humor to teach kids about numbers, letters, and values. After the success of this show the muppets got there own television program. The Muppet Show aired for six years, until Jim decided to stop production in 1981. After the muppet show, Jim moved on to create muppet movies and various other major motion pictures. Jim Henson died on May 16, 1990 of pneumonia.


1936 - Jim Henson is born on September 241954 - Jim Henson begins college at the University of Maryland1955 - Sam and Friends premiers on TV1969 - Sesame Street premiers on TV1976 - The Muppet Show premiers on TV1990 - Jim Henson passes away on May 16

Lasting Impact

Jim Henson recieved 18 Emmy awards.Jim Henson recieved 7 Grammy awards.Jim Henson recieved 4 Peabody awards.

Jim Henson made a lasting impact on the puppetry world. However, his most important contribution was his passion for the education of children.


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Jim Henson




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