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[2015] jake cox (Default class): Jim Henson

You may have heard of the muppets. But do you know about the man behin the scenes?? If you do you should know his name was Jim Henson. Read on to learn about his childhood. On September 24, 1934 in Greenville, Missisippi, James Maury Henson (he preferred Jim) was born. As a boy he enjoyed playing outside. He even collected boy-scout badges. When Jim was little he would visit his grandma often and she would influence him to be creative. When TVs first came out Jim wanted one, and when he got it he loved it. After getting turned down many times, a job offer opened up for puppetry. Even though he had no experience with puppetry he got a friend, made some puppets and applied. The outcome was a new job and a rat-puppet named Pierre. Even though the job was small this was the start to something Jim had no clue about. Now Jim was better with puppets and so far was sticking with puppetry but never planned to stay with it. Soon after someone offered him a job on the Junior- morning show. The puppet show was called Sam and Friends. The characters included Sam: a little odd bald man and Yorick: A purple skull character. This turned out as a huge success. One afternoon Jim was making new puppets when he came across some green fabric and two ping pong balls. Once he sorted the fabric out he drew black slits for eyes ' this was the start of the world famous Kermit and Muppets and all of his skits. Now you know about Jim Henson's background.

Jim Henson went on to become a man who made a difference in the world of childhood entertainment. As time went by Sam and Friends started to get popular (it went from 1955-1961 or six years). Then Jim started the Muppets. He opened the Muppets Inc. on 53rd Street. It was a casual place that probably wouldn’t be called an office. Now the Muppets were appearing on TV commercials. Some famous Muppets include Rowlf the dog and Miss Piggy. Then they began appearing on talk shows like the Sullivan show. One day Jim was in his office and he got a call. It was who would be the creator of the kids show, “Sesame Street”. She wanted to know if Jim could help with ideas. He said YES. So Jim helped create lots of the characters such as Big Bird. (He played multiple Sesame street characters.) When Jim started asking for jobs, he got turned down by a lot of different TV channels. Finally a man in England hired him. The new Muppet show was a hit from when it first aired. Some of the characters in this show included Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. Now the Muppets came to the U.S.A and were just as popular here as they were in England. One of his carrier milestones was getting on Time magazine. Then all of a sudden Jim shut down the show. Why? He wanted to shut it down while it was still popular. Next he started making Muppet Movies. These movies were all a hit. Another show made was Fraggle Rock. This was about world peace and sharing. When Jim was older he decided to sell The Muppets to Disney. But then something happened, one day he was at home and the next day he woke up not feeling good. He took it casually but it turned worse. So the next day he skipped work but later that week he was rushed to the hospital with serious pneumonia. On May 16, 1990 Jim Maury Henson died. A sad ending to a great man who was just as loved as his awesome Muppets.

Source-Who Was Jim Henson


Making a Difference

Even though you think all his skits and shows were succesful he made a coupleof shows/movies that wern"t as succesful these include the labrynth and Dark crystal.

Jim appeared on many talk shows.These include the tonight show and the Ed Sullivan show.

One of my muppets, Kermit was originally a human-like figure.

Jim as an adult above-Jim as a Teen below.

Statler and Waldorf

As You can see Jim Henson had a big Impact entertainment world.


By: Jake Cox

In Spain they pronounce KERMIT... GUSTAVO