Jim Crow Laws

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Jim Crow Laws

Throughout the 1830s and 40s, there was a white entertainer named Thomas Dartmouth Rice that performed a popular song-and-dance act supposedly mimicking a slave. He named his character Jim Crow. Rice darkened his face, acted like a fool, and spoke with an exaggerated and distorted imitation of African American Slang. In his Jim Crow character, he also sang "Negro songs" such as "Jump Jim Crow."


1870:A Virginia law made it illegal for black and white children to attend the same schools.1892: Ida B. Wells began writing articles and campaigning against lynching. At least 161 blacks were lynched in 1892, probably the highest number in a single year.1914: Every southern state and many northern cities had Jim Crow laws that discriminated against black Americans.

After the American Civil War (Which was from 1861-1865), most southern states passed laws that denied blacks basic human rights. The minstrel show character's name "Jim Crow" became a "nickname" for the laws and customs that segregated and demeaned African Americans primarily from the 1870s to the 1960s.

through the struggle

The achievements of African Americans were realized in all areas. During this time the whites would be afriad of all the achievement and through thier suppression came African American politicians, military heroes, thinkers, athletes, and musicians. They used what they had a made their own shops, communities, and transportation.


The rise and fall of jim crow has showed me how my black ansestry overcame the oppression of whites during reconstruction or the age of "Jim Crow". Through segeregation and discrimination they managed to build schools, transportation and communities for their African American citizens. They had to face unequalities and even acts of terror by Klu Klux Klan members and racist white mobs. They were beaten butaly and often time lynched. This makes me thankful for the triumph that the African Americans acheived ultimatly by contridicting the idea of "Jim Crow".

Who is Jim Crow??



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