[2013] Chloe Harskamp: Jim Crow Laws

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African-American History

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[2013] Chloe Harskamp: Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow Laws

The Jim Crow Laws were created to prevent african americans or blacks from reaching their full potential by segregating everything and giving the African Americans things that weren't as good as the things that the whites got.

The Jim Crow Laws were started when Thomas Dartmouth Rice dressed up as a black man and danced around making them seem like lazy, stupid and unreliable people.

When a black person died, they couldn’t be buried on the same burial ground as whites.

In some states the kids of different races couldn’t go to the same school.

Blacks and whites had separate locker rooms, bathrooms, and break rooms.

After the 14th amendment was passed, freeing slaves, people still didn’t follow the laws and some places were still segregated and police didn’t do anything about it because they felt the same way as the rest of the whites.

The Jim Crow Laws were passed in 1877. They lasted all through the 1950s and 60s.

Whites couldn’t play baseball if the field was within two blocks of a field where negroes were playing. The field for the blacks weren't near as nice either.

In many states, people of different races couldn’t marry each other. In some states if people did this they had to pay a $500 fine.



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