[2015] Kayla Borchers (7th LA Core 1): Jim Crow Laws

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[2015] Kayla Borchers (7th LA  Core 1): Jim Crow Laws

This animated character titled Jim Crow became the face of these laws. When Jim Crow was first created in the 1800's he was meant to be a fake "stereo type" for African Americans.

Racial sings such as the ones above were commonly placed in public venues throughout the south indicating segregation.

The most common known laws *********************************-White and black kids are not allowed to interact or go to school together. -A black man is not allowed to shake a white mans hand. -White and black people will wait in seprate rooms, sit in sepearte areas, and use diffrent public places -A black person has to formally address white folk at all times. - A white and black person can not marry, this descent is consider forbidden. - African Americans will sit in the back of buses and give up their seats to a white person in case of over crowdness. -A black barbor can not cut any white persons hair.

http://video.pbs.org/video/1575283884/Link that helps explain how these racial signs effected African American children

Jim Crow laws were made legal in 1880's and ended 88 years later in 1968.

Jim Crow Laws

Adds like this --->were adverstised in the middle of the 1900's to end the Jim Crow laws.

Segregation is the adultry of an illicit intercourse betweeninjustice and immorality.-Martin Luther King Junior

A famous peaceful Anti Segregation activist is Martin Luther King Junior. He lead many peacful protest against racism and segregation.Below is an example of how a protest could look like. They would walk the streets and hold up signs against Jim Crow Laws.

Equal opportunity and Human Rights!

We are all equal in Gods eyes. End Jim Crow Laws!

End Segregation!

Good links to better understand this topic********************LinkThatTellsYourGeneralInformationLinkThatExplainsDifferentAspectsOfJimCrowLaws

These laws would make life terriblefor African Americans. It stripped them of their rights, respect, and value.

Jim Crow Laws were laws that encouraged Racism and Segregation. (These took place is southern states)

Segregation disorts the soul and damages the personality. It gives the segregator a flase sense of superiority and the segregated a false sense of inferiority.-Martin Luther King Junior


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