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Jim Brown

Was named Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player and Player of the Year by the NFL.

Jim Brown was born on February 17, 1936 in St. Simons Island, Georgia.When Jim started football, he wasn't that good at all. It only took him a few tries to become good at it.-He played football, lacrosse, basketball and ran track at Syracuse.-Was qualified for the Olympics but instead focused more on football.-He stared in the movies "The Dirty Dozen," "Ice Station Zebra" and "100 Rifles."-Played 9 straight Pro Bowls. -Led the NFL in rushing 8 out of 9 seasons.

Jim Brown





Jim Brown served as the best running back of all time and is the most famous football player of all time.

1. Two opposing teams2. Each team has 11 players3. Each team claims have the feild as their territory.4. Time of play is 60 minutes.5. divided into four fifteen-minute segments (quarters)6. 6 points if the ball is thrown or carried into the opponent's end zone(touchdown)7. kicking the ballbetween the goal posts for 3 points(Feild Goal)8. Winner of coin toss gets to choose to start the game.9. Game starts off with a kickoff.10.Is played on a 10 yard rectangle feild.


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