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Jim Brown

Jim "the legend" Brown

1.Jim Brown's birth name was James Nathaniel Brown. He was born February 17th, 1936 in St Simons, Georgia in the United States of America.2.Jim Brown is a famous American professional footballer and actor. He is known across the world for his successful career and outstanding sporting achievements.3.Jim Brown played football professionally for the Cleveland Browns of the NFL. He had a nine year career which began in 1957 as a running back; a position of the offensive backfield. NFL stands for National Football League.4.Jim Brown's performance on the field has been so incredible that Sporting News credited him in 2002 as being 'the greatest professional football player ever'.5.Jim Brown is a tall man, his height measures 6 ft 2 inches which is equivalent to 1.88 meters. His weight is approximately 232 lb.6.Jim Brown's parents were called Swinton and Theresa. His father was a professional boxer and his mother was a domestic. Although he was born in Georgia, he later moved to New York.7. Jim Brown attended a secondary school in New York called Manhasset School. He played a variety of sports including baseball, basketball, running track and football. The school recognized his sporting abilities.


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