Jianna-The Chrysler Building

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Jianna-The Chrysler Building

Walter Chrysler

Vital Statistics of The Chrysler BuildingLocation: New York CityCompletion Date: May 28, 1930Cost: 15 million Height: 1046 ftNumber of Floors: 77Height Record: Tallest building in the world at completion, overtaken by the Empire State Building just one year later. Currently the third tallest building in New York City.Architect: William Van AlenStyle: Art DecoMaterials: Constructed of steel with brick and stainless steel on the exteriorBuilt from 1929 to 1930Architect: William Van AlenStyle: Art Deco

This is the Chrysler Building.

The Chrysler Building was designed by architect William Van Allen for a project of Walter P. Chrysler. There was an intense competition at the time to be the world's tallest skyscraper. The building was built with an average of 4 floors per week. Even with this fast pace and the danger of working so high up, no workers dies in the building's construction.

Did You Know?-The Chrysler Building was actually made for a contest. The contest was a race to be the world's TALLEST building!

Did You know?-The Chrysler Building was the tallest building for 11 months until they built The Empire State Building.

Did You Know ?- Walter Chrysler owns the Chrysler Building. He paid for it with his own money so that his family could later inheirit the building.

The Chrysler Building

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