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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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JFKBorn May 29th 1917 Died 1963

Has your father ever wanted you to be the best at something? John F. Kennedy's [JFK's] father helped encourage him to be the president. JFK was the youngest and first Catholic president. JFK was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. JFK went through a lot in his childhood. One of the things he went through in his childhood was a bike race that he got a back injury in. When JFK was 2 years old, he got sick and because of that he often got sick. JFK always wanted to be better at something than his brother Joe Jr.. Later in his childhood, Joe Jr. died. JFK always loved to read and write. That is what happened in JFK's childhood. JFK had lots and lots acomplishments in his career. The biggest acomplishment that JFK made was when he got elected as the youngest president at age 43! Another big acomplishment JFK made was when he got elected as the first Catholic president. Also JFK was a World War 2 hero who saved shipwrecked crewmen. Lastly, JFK had a debate on TV with Richard Nixon. Those are all of the accomplishments that JFK made. JFK tried to be a fair, brave, and honorable leader. After being shot in a limo by Lee Harvey Oswald, he still holds a place in all Americans hearts. He inspired a nation to dream and hope for a better future.

"I belive in an America where seperation of church and state is absolute..."

DID YOU KNOWJFK was the youngest president ever to be elected?

DID YOU KNOWJFK supported sports and physical activty?

DID YOU KNOWJFK supported American space exploration?

Brookline, Massachusetts[where JFK was born]

Dallas, Texas[where JFK was shot and kiled]

JFK and his BIG family

JFK was a World War 2 hero

JFK's grave

Work CitedMcDonough, Yona. Who Was John F. Kennedy. Penguin, 2005. Print.


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