Jews in Pre-War Germany

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Jews in Pre-War Germany

Jews in Pre-War Germany

By Lachlan Smith

In 1934, Jews were largely and wholely disenfranchised. They were denied the opportunities, and economic rights that the 'pure' and 'thrughbread' German born and raised people were entitled to. Some examples of how they were discriminated against was the banishing of their health cares, they were not allowed health care that was provided to the rest of the population. This year, Hindenburg perished, and 90% of the Germans voted yess in agreeance with Hitler's newly appointed powers. Jews were then further discriinated against, losing all legal and business based qualifications all aorund the empire.

1933 was a tumultuous time in Germany, for the German people, and the Jewish as well. in this time Hitler was appointed chancellor, giving him a large amount of power over Germany. 4 concentration camps were opened, Dachau, Buchenwald, Saschenhausen and Ravensbruck. After the opening of the the camps, coincedentally, Jewsih businesses and houses began to be boycotted. By the end of this year, all people that were not contributing to the running and economy of the country were sent to concentration camps, and in late september Jews were prohibited from owning land.


Unbelievably, Jews were then further singled out and persecuted against. They were herded like cattle, with all performers and scholars made to join the Jewish Union, giving them a brand, and a place where they could easily be recognised. Further laws were placed against the 'non-germans', it was now legal in the Germany of 1935 to force abortions upon women with gentic diseases, in a ploy to purify the country, and all of its inhabitants.

Hitler, the sick and desperate individual continued to corrupt his people and his country, at this time the German Gestapo is placed above and beyond the reach of the law. This was the year of the Munich olympic games, and teh harsh punishment on minorities and jews ceased for this short period, as to have poeple look favourably upon them, and they did their best to hide any wrongdoings or malice. Anyone that came and spoke up about harsh dealings and foul inhumanity often 'disappeared' over night, as a way to shut their mouths.

This year was the final preparation before the building of the army. This was when finally the Jews were shunned and taken away from many professians they had been welcome to undertake many years prior. They were now no longer allowed to be accountants, teach germans or hold any practicing medical degree anywhere within the borders of Germany and be able to continue on in this vein. Along with this they were also denied tax deductions and child allowances, a way to tak back some of the free money they had 'stolen' from the German people.








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