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A Jewish Life Is Wonderful

Some significant events at a Jewish weddings include a glass being stepped on, the official ceremony is under a tent-like object called a Chuppah, and the bride circles the groom 7 times. The marriage contract is called a Ketubah.

Jewish Weddings

We had an item that very few people have heard of – a samovar. It’s a big tea maker. It was used heavily in Europe. My mother and father came from Europe, and they wanted that with them. By hook or by crook they brought that big huge thing, and they came over in steerage. I still have it.

Rebecca: At the time I grew up, Mattapan was a very heavily Jewish populated community. My parents belonged to an Orthodox temple on Woodrow Avenue. We observed all the Jewish holidays. My parents were very Orthodox. We observed the Sabbath, and lit candles.

Rebecca's History

Sima's perspective on having a Jewish life is that it is wonderful.

Words From Sima

By: Lucas

Leona did not have a Bat Mitzvah, baby naming, or wedding. But her nephews had Bar Mitzvahs. Leona loved all of her pets.

About Leona



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