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Jewish value glogster

Bubbles was the person I talked to at Orchard Cove. She was very nice and funny and she said a lot of good things about a good education so here it is.Bubbles states, "I think you have made a very good start at having good life, because the three of you like school,and do well, and that’s nice – to be in school and to enjoy school. And you like each other, and that’s also good – because having a lot of friends is important all your life. It’s very nice to have friends to play with, and talk with, and plan with. When you have questions you want to ask, and you don’t always want to ask your parents, you can ask each other and see how much you know and how much they can tell you. Sometimes when you exchange good information between yourselves, it’s very good because you learn something and you’re happy to be together."

Baby Naming values:Welcoming a new child into a communityHope for what the baby will be like when she or he grows upHonoring a new child and its parentsSomeone new in your lifeHope and optimism about the futureMaking the baby special!Every person is created “b’tzelem elohim”: “made in the image of God”Joy / SimchaGive a new child a name and hope that the baby will become like the person s/he is named afterConnection to people who came before you (grandparents and great grandparents)HappinessWelcoming a new personSo you can say the good things you hope will happen to that childEvery new child is specialPreciousness of life: every person is special and differentAn official way of bringing a new person into the worldWelcome a new member to your family

Bar Mitzvah Values:Welcoming a new child into a new communityLet everyone know a child is getting olderStepping into Jewish adulthoodBecoming more responsibleReading torah is like a test: are you ready to become a Jewish adult?Every person is created “b’tzelem elohim”: “made in the image of God”Celebrating a child becoming a Jewish young adultJoy / SimchaBridging ceremony“Bridging over” in the Jewish peopleHappinessSaying “I am ready to follow the commandments”Preciousness of life: every person is special and differentA way of saying, “I am ready to have more responsibility”Now you can be counted in a “minyan” (10 people needed to say certain prayers during a service)

Wedding Values:Breaking the glass: we know there will be sad things in our lives too: we will help each otherSaying “I commit to be your partner Every person is created “b’tzelem elohim”: “made in the image of God”:in life”Joy / Simcha2 people circling each other means “We agree to support and take care of each other”Bridging ceremonySaying to someone else “You are holy /special to me”“Bridging over” in the Jewish peopleHappinessImportance of love and relationshipsStanding under the Chuppah (wedding canopy) together is a way of saying: “We agree to make a Jewish home together”Preciousness of life: every person is special and different

Funeral Values:A chance to say goodbye to someone you care aboutTo help and comfort people in your life who have lost someone important to themEvery person is created “b’tzelem elohim”: “made in the image of GodA chance to celebrate the life of someone and all they have done and beenPreciousness of life: every person is special and differentA time to let yourself be sad and show itWe praise God even at sad times

What I knew before:Baby Naming:I know that you get your name and they give you a blessing and the parents drink wine.Bar Mitzvah: I know that there are ones for girls and for boys,you have to be 13, and you become an adult.Wedding:I know thata male and a female get married and they break a glass.Funeral:I know that you honor someone that died.


I think that bar mitzvahs mean that your welcomed into a new community of adulthood and that is very important.

I think funerals are important because that's when someone dies and you should honor him/her.

I think baby naming is important because you get your hebrew name, you are welcomed into the world, and you are honored.

Weddings are important because you get to have joy and happiness with the person you love.



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